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President’s message

原動力は「お客様の笑顔」 代表取締役社長執行役員 宮本 隆温

We are able to reach the milestone of our 50th anniversary since our establishment, thanks to all your support.

We started from our origins as a company for overseas travel goods, always listening to the needs of each generation and bearing in mind the concept of spreading the positive culture of Japan. Embodying this in our souvenir business, we have been putting a smile on the faces of people in Japan and the world.

Now, with the foundation of the ability to find new products and possessing a network of logistics and offices, all of which have been developed through our activities, we have been successful in expanding our business domains into hometown tax, inbound, gifts, and local revitalization, and I am proud to say that these areas are still expanding.

The abilities and experiences acquired by the company and each employee through the last 50 years are precious assets. To offer and share our successful case studies that we have achieved in this process with more people and enterprises, we always try something new with a spirit of seeking to refine our potential, continually giving our all to create new markets.

On reaching this 50th anniversary milestone since our establishment, we may be entering the so-called second growth period, where each individual employee is committed to being professionals of market creation, aiming at cross cutting business development regardless of domestic and international boundaries.

Our challenge that embodies this is the big Ferris wheel standing in EXPOCITY. We have obtained the rights to name it and have called it “REDHORSE OSAKA WHEEL.”

This is something that can be called the beginning of Redhorse Corporation’s bold pursuit of market creation through a synergistic business model. Without resting on our laurels, we will continually keep creating something new, expand markets unrestricted by existing conventional knowledge, and challenge ourselves to accelerate market creation both domestically and internationally as professionals.

We thank you for your continuous and enthusiastic support for Redhorse Corporation, a company that keeps evolving without forgetting its origin.

April 2017

Chief Operations Officer / President宮本 隆温