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Message from the President

アジアを駆け回る「赤兎馬」に 代表取締役会長 川崎 貴聖

Within the name of our company Redhorse, concepts are embedded of unearthing excellent businesses and culture, products and services, and occasionally talented people with our unique sensibility, then adding value, and playing the role of the “Red Hare” horse in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, heading out together to new worlds. In Japan, there is a culture of exchanging gifts. These include midsummer gifts and end of year gifts to the people who have assisted you, giving souvenirs from a trip as a way of sharing your impressions of it, and the gifts you bring as a first greeting. With all of these, the recipient is considered, and the giver’s feelings take on gift form and are conveyed. The core company of Redhorse Corporation has focused on the travel souvenir part of the gift giving culture, and for decades has been carrying out business in the form of “overseas souvenirs mail order”. It is a business that responds both to the feelings of the traveller who wishes to send a souvenir, and the ease of the their trip at the same time. In recent years, bold strides have been made in a number of new areas towards our company’s vision of “marketplace creation”. Coming from the theme “regional creation due to travel” are a business supporting the hometown tax payment system in the Japanese market, and the inbound business related to Redhorse Osaka Wheel, which is the largest ferris wheel in Japan. With the theme “revival of gift culture”, we further expand possibilities as professionals within gift giving, with a gift business aimed at corporate customers who are representatives for shareholder benefits, sales promotions, and SP, a new bridal gift service that provides a one stop service for overseas wedding souvenirs and bridal gifts, and development of new gift channels to meet the needs of today’s customers. Regarding services for Greater China, we are strengthening our Japanese domestic mail order service aimed at customers who are travelling from overseas, and furthermore an e-commerce business that targets demand from foreigners for Japanese products for home consumption.

Following our listing in fiscal year 2016 in Taiwan (Taiwan Exchange), our name recognition in the Chinese region has increased, and partners who share our intention to create markets in the Chinese region, and the wider Asian market have increased. Our business philosophy is born as a part of a grand challenge to make even greater use of assets that our company has cultivated over decades. Aiming to be the the “Red Hare running around Asia”, as we continue to deliver high value to society in Asia, we look for your continued support and understanding in the future.

July 2018

Chief Executive Officer / Chairman and President代表取締役会長 川崎 貴聖