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Investment in the Company that Operates Orbi Osaka to Create Full Subsidiary


Redhorse Corporation

The Japanese subsidiary of Redhorse Corporation (Headquarters: Koto Ward, Tokyo; Representative Director and President: Takaharu Miyamoto; Henceforth, “The Company”) has acquired the management rights to Project Earth (Headquarters: Suita City, Osaka-Fu), the company that operates Orbi Osaka (EXPOCITY, Suita City, Osaka-Fu; Henceforth: “The Facility”).

Under the broad theme of market creation the group acquired the facility as a first step into the edutainment business, which combines educational elements with aspects of entertainment facilities.

As a collaborative project between Sega-Sammy Group, which has a history of delivering innovative entertainment based on technology and ideas, and BBC Earth, which has a fifty-year history of developing high-quality video related to life and the mysteries of nature, the facility is an ultra-experiential nature museum where visitors can learn-while-playing about the earth and nature.

The focus of the facility is “Theatre 23.4” which plays totally original content developed by BBC Earth on a screen which, at a width of 40m and height of 8m, is one of the largest screens in Japan. The theatre stimulates all the senses – not just sight – by presenting smells, the feel of the wind, fog and mist, flashlight, and low-frequency stereophonic sound, providing the feel of being in the midst of a vast natural environment.

Other aspects include the “Entertainment Exhibition” where you can experience content created in many areas around the world to take a wild journey in the middle of a herd of African elephants in “Elephants” or get up close to the inhabitants of the various layers of the ocean in “Blue Layer”, in the process learning about the mysteries of life in our world.

By increasing the number of staffed exhibits the facility plans to increase the level of entertainment it offers. Targeting the broad customer base of visitors to the adjoining large-scale shopping mall complex for repeat customers, tourists and inbound visitors, and leveraging the group’s more than fifty years experience in the travel industry the plan is to develop a business model which incorporates a wide range of customers.