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Orbi Osaka

A museum to experience the whole Earth through your body.

To take our first steps into the business of edutainment, which combines elements of both education and entertainment, we acquired the rights to run Orbi Osaka as a licensee. We are running a museum that offers an amazing sensation of nature, based on the idea that you can learn as you have fun.


The tallest in Japan (123m), and proud to be among the world’s tallest Ferris wheels .

At a height of 123m, the Redhorse OSAKA WHEEL boasts the largest height of any Ferris wheel in Japan and is counted even among the largest in the world. As such it was born as a landmark for EXPOCITY as a whole. You can enjoy a sweeping view of Osaka’s streets or its nightscape. All the gondolas are fully equipped with air conditioning, and with a spacious design that includes wide roomy seats, they provide a very comfortable space for their passengers. It also uses a world-first seismic isolation structure.


See all the splendor of the area in 360°.

We are under development below the Ferris wheel in Osaka’s composite facility “EXPO CITY”. Delicious food and sweets, original goods that you cannot buy at other stores, and much more are for sale here with us. Whatever you want to do, eat, buy in Osaka – for a 360 degree view of Osaka’s charms and appeals, REDHORSE MARUMIE PLAZA Osaka is the place to be.