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Message from the President

代表取締役社長執行役員 久秋 貞雄

Redhorse Corporation has a concept of “Group with Creative Power, change and challenge will create the future”. In addition, we are stating the corporate motto “Management makes best effort to prosper customers and develop business.” By thoroughly implementing “Customer-centralism”, we have developed and grown to continue to be a company that delivers many values to many customers.

We have “Travel Service Business”, which is a travel related business that has been developing for more than 50 years since its inception in 1964, “Home Town Tax Payment Support Business” born with the theme of local creation as a challenge after 2014, “Gift business” for corporate customers represented by shareholder benefits, promotion, SP, “Store business” that develops stores in the airport and adjacent to the passport center , “Fulfillment service business” which is responsible for logistics in each business and customer service business, we have developed a variety of services to provide high benefit to customers through numerous other businesses, thereby achieving dramatic growth has been achieved.

Through these businesses, we have completed a very unique entity that has strong customer contact opportunities throughout Japan, and we have established a business foundation that does not depend on excessively due to the diversification of revenue sources that we have focused on over the medium term.

In the future, we will take over the group concept and corporate motto, provide further value to customers, change the value provided and further develop and pursue the business assets we currently possess. In addition to bringing innovation of customer contacts through new technologies such as IT and AI, we will utilize the management resources of the group to the fullest and develop various measures to improve corporate value to realize initiatives such as new business. We believe that we will go.

We believe our strength is the ability to find, convey and offer valuable things that are still invisible in the world. What can we do to make all our customers who have contact with us happy. Among them, what can we do in order to continue to exist? Looking forward to the future with a sense of speed to lead the change, we will go through a trial and error, working together, repeatedly, accumulating knowledge, developing business from that learning, and continuing to do it.

We appreciate your continued support.

January 2019

Redhorse Corporation President, Executive Officer & Group COO 代表取締役社長執行役員 久秋 貞雄