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The edutainment project is creating a new market based on ‘education’ and ‘entertainment,’ thus adding new value throughout the world.
The management division oversees the management of our company’s facilities, as well as those facilities established by our contractors and other specified administrative parties. The business development department is responsible for developing content and brands, allowing us to continually offer new value. > Redhorse Edutainment Corp.
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The tallest in Japan (123m), and proud to be among the world’s tallest Ferris wheels .

At a height of 123m, the Redhorse OSAKA WHEEL boasts the largest height of any Ferris wheel in Japan and is counted even among the largest in the world. As such it was born as a landmark for EXPOCITY as a whole. You can enjoy a sweeping view of Osaka’s streets or its nightscape. All the gondolas are fully equipped with air conditioning, and with a spacious design that includes wide roomy seats, they provide a very comfortable space for their passengers. It also uses a world-first seismic isolation structure.

FLOR <Italian gelato>

Authentic Italian gelato brand “FLOR” that is scheduled to open in early summer 2018

Hand-made gelato is made using high quality ingredients with no additives. Authentic Italian gelato is offered through FC as well as business wholesale.